Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lebanon immune to financial crisis‏

The world maybe in meltdown but Beirut is booming. The country best known for wars, turmoil and instability has not just survived the global financial crisis, it seems to be thriving because of it.

Deep down in the basement of Lebanon's Central bank treasury vaults are full. Cash has been flowing in like never before, Lebanese banks are posting record deposits and bankers say this is the best year in Lebanon's financial history.

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  1. Although this might seem as a weird comment, this is one of the first articles on the web that actually made me very very happy.
    As a jew living in Israel, and that has actually lost his job not a week ago due to the financial crisis, seeing that Lebanon is thriving ( at last ) makes me happy beyond belief.
    May you guys enjoy it well, and party hard.
    You deserve it more than almost any country I can think off (well, half of Africa deserves a huge break as well, but thats a different story)
    Noam Mendelssohn.

  2. Thanks a lot for your good wishes, that's very decent of you, and good luck with finding another job

  3. now, you guys go into politics and sign a peace accord between your countries!!

  4. sp, only if it were up to us... to ordinary people like us...

  5. what hold Lebanon and Isarel from singing a peace accord? as far as i know there are no border dispute there (and even if there are, i believe they can be arranged the same manner Jordon and Egypt did)

  6. Oh its so difficult.
    Lebanon has quite a few population.
    Druze, Christian and muslim (and maybe a few others i dont know about).
    Israel, indeed, has nothing to feud against Lebanon. its mostly security issues to protect her against Katyusha attacks.
    But believe me, most people in Israel want peace with Lebanon,although unfortunately there are extremists on both sides.BUT, I do believe peace , real stable peace, will happen in the not too far future and when it does happen Ill be one of the first tourists :)
    Although Liliane and I cannot establish peace on our own, its these little efforts that will make the change.
    Take care