Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lebanese expatriates to be able to vote from abroad?

I have received an email from concerning the electoral law and lebanese expatriates voting from abroad, below is an extract:

The election law voted by the Lebanese Parliament has finally recognized the right to vote of those Lebanese citizens residing abroad at the consulates and embassies.

This is a giant step.

However, and in spite of the infallible support of the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, the Minister of the Interior, the members of the Administration and Justice parliamentary commission, and a large number of MP's to whom we express our thanks, the text does not contain any measures guaranteeing the effective exercise of this right as of the 2009 elections.


I did not find anywhere on the net whether these news are valid or not, or maybe not publicized yet, however I have to honestly declare that I do not agree with expatriates voting from abroad. The thing is the whole electoral law and system in Lebanon is false and has a lot of loop holes.

For example, it is a bit illogical that a person has to go to where he/she is registered (born by default) in order to vote, usually somewhere far from where they live where the voted parliament members wont directly affect or improve the person's area and way of life and transmitting their own voices to the parliament, instead of doing it where he/she lives (let's say for the past 10 years). There should be different and more effective rules concerning voting, situations should be thoroughly studied to be able to re-write a good electoral law.

We know that this law can be manipulated to make a certain team win more seats than the other, we know that this law is functioning the way it is now, because some poor people still vote due to a receipt of a certain amount of money, and other do it because they're sheep, and others because they're greedy. And leaders in Lebanon make use of the ignorance and poverty of some Lebanese.

But in a utopic world, maybe we'd have a better electoral law accompagnied with a better understanding of voting, of elections, or parliament, of government and of politics.

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