Sunday, October 26, 2008

Demotix - The street wire

As simple as that, Demotix is within the reach of every person who sees news happen before their own eyes. They take a picture, upload it, tell us the rapid story behind it and is published on the website of

Moreover, if your story is different and appealing to major online media newspapers and magazines, they might buy it from you.

More about the process here.

The thing is, the world is becoming more and more internet oriented, the world is huge, awkard, crazy, disastrous, unfair and weird things happen everyday everywhere, and big major medias do not have immediate access to it. With portals such as demotix, it makes it easier for every person, the citizen journalist, to transmit as fast as they can, anything that happened before their eyes to the online community, and if it is really something worthwile, the major medias will want to have their hands on them.

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