Sunday, September 28, 2008

Elections in Lebanon, are they really elections?

Excercising your right

The subject of elections came up last week between my friend and me.
-"Do you vote?"
-"No I don't", I answered with confidence. "I don't even put a white paper!"

He was surprised to hear this answer, he continued: "I don't put a white paper either! People tell me, go put a white paper but at least you would have excercised your democratic right to vote! And I would tell them, putting a white paper is like saying I don't agree or approve of any candidates, but the thing is..."

This is when I cut him off and said: "We don't approve of the whole elections system and the way elections are held in this country!"

Rafic Khoury

I was watching Nharkoum Sa3id today, a daily morning show on LBCI, which starts with a political section when the host has a guest whether politician, reporter, political party leader, economy expert, etc... Today Dolly Ghanem, had as a guest, Mr. Rafic Khoury (most recent article here). He's probably one of the few persons if they appear on TV that would actually keep the chanel still. Mr. Rafic Khoury is a local reporter and political analyst, he's been writing since a long time in the local newspaper Al-Anwar. I find this guy to be non-biased, completely objective, wise, smart, peaceful, has a lot of knowledge and very logical. I like listening to the dude.

He said something very interesting, and it was about how the current leaders are regarding the elections as destiny-defining events. He said that elections happen every 4 years, and no team can cancel the other, whatever teams rules they cannot be ennemies with either Syria or the US. He critized that none of them actually provides good programs that deal with the "people's" issues, such as education, economy, tourism, finance, commerce, poverty, etc... They all talk about the enormous strategic plans, with Syria or the US or Iran or Israel... He said everybody in the world are dialoguing and negotiating, why is Lebanon, the poor Lebanon trying to stand in the faces of all these big players? They should just deal with the people's issues.


  1. what is shocking me on the new electoral law:
    the soldiers do not have the right to vote, however criminals and milicians have that right.
    Soldiers died today in Tripoli, that s really a shame they cant express their opinion through democratic means.

  2. frenchy.
    The army is meant to be an impartial institution. When soldiers are allowed to vote, that no longer exists. Can you imagine a biast army? (not that the lebanese army is completely impartial but still)

    The soldiers that died in Tripoli, will be remembered as brave men who passed away in the line of duty. In my opinion, that counts for so much more than a vote in a corrupt electoral system.

    Although i do agree that our wretched war criminals should be stripped away from all civil rights, however, the comparison between that matter and the matter of bestowing civil rights upon soldiers is not valid.

    Kung Fu

  3. The electoral civil right that is. They already have all other civil rights.

    Kung Fu

  4. I thought we were few, but apparently we're not.. I, too, refuse to even put a white paper. :)

  5. Oh its good to see people who agree with us on this one !! :)