Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ziad Richa in the Beijing Olympics

"We are carrying a gun, and through this gun we are passing a message to everybody that you can do a nice sport peacefully.

"We have had enough of war. We want to live peacefully with our families and our friends."

Let's wish Ziad Richa luck in the Beijing Olympics, indeed, let's show the world that sometimes, yes, sometimes, Lebanese hold a gun that is not intended to kill or to defend from someone trying to kill you, in hope that one day, all homes in Lebanon, will not need a gun sitting in their closet for "protection". Why? Because after all, we are all brothers in this crazy country, and we deserve and NEED to trust each other at one point.

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  1. and if i can add my 2 cents - we are all brothers in this crazy world.