Thursday, July 24, 2008

To those who waited the bodies of their loved ones

While the prisoners sway between Hezbollah and Israel last week, I have to say I was really touched when I listened to those families who were waiting for the bodies of their loved ones, they knew they were dead, but still waited anxiously to receive their bodies and give them a proper burial. I cannot imagine how they feel, it must've been really hard on them. I want to offer my condolences and patience to these families.

I also want to mention those families who are still awaiting news about their loved ones in the Syrian Prisons, some has disappeared 1 and 2 decades ago, a mother still remembers her son as a teenager, where is he now? Life has stopped for her, if he was dead, it would've been hard on her when she knows he died, but after a while, she can continue her life, but if he's there, somewhere, not knowing what his status is, is he alive? is he dead? could he still be in prison for all this time, banned from any communication with the outside life? is this fair? Where is the justice in this?

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