Saturday, June 21, 2008

Traffic Lights, Roads, Fuel.. this is just absurd

While driving today, I noticed how much Lebanese people do not look beyond their nose, it's an expression we use in here. Looking beyond their nose, meaning looking ahead in the future and not just taking decisions that would affect the current situation and current period.

However, the thing that doesn't make a lot of sense, is that Lebanese people are usually people who worry about the future a lot, because we do not have a lot of services offered to us by the government, retirement plans, security, hospitalization, free medication, etc... we do, but it isn't neither stable nor widespread. So we really have to rely on ourselves, when it comes to securing our future, the future of our family, the schools, the social security, the medication stuff, etc... In france for example, school tuitions are for free!

But no, when it comes to driving, if taking the left lane wins us two seconds while our direction is keep going straight, yet would block the road for those going to the left, knowing that the light for the straight direction is red, yet for those going to the left is green! But hey, we will win 2 seconds!

And finally, fuel prices are still flying... Shi bi tammin! I had this accident while not having enough money to fill my car's tank, because I was used to pay an amount, and now it is really much more... Funny day, I had to step down from my car and wash some cars, and fill gaz to other people! No, am kidding, I know the guy, and I brought him the rest of the money the next day.


  1. At least there is traffic lights again...after more than 30 years of non-existence...

  2. Driving is a challenge eh. Everyone thinks they are driving in a straight line heheheh
    I'm liking the traffic lights in the few places they exist.