Thursday, May 08, 2008

This is bad, very very bad

I've been meaning to sum up what happened starting yesterday and uptill now, but I just can't seem to focus. I can sincerly say, I am scared.

Now that its is being screamed from the top of the roofs that yesterday was a well orchestrated subordination. While the Labors Syndicate Union decided to halt their demonstration and postpone it to another time, the opposition continued their subordination!
The union said that the government was not ready to protect them. What the Union failed to mention was that the ones who closed their roads was the opposition. I believe, the army did a fine job considering the danegrous individuals they were dealing with.

The union, could've done a normal demonstration taking place in one sole location, holding some whiteboards with few slogans on them. But no, they decided to paralyze and open up the opportunity for others to paralyze the capital. Slogans and peaceful gathering were few yesterday. Yes, there were few innocent people really asking and demonstrating against the government for a better living.

After that, the opposition continued to close roads, and the infamously airport road. Many flights were cancelled, no flights departed from Lebanon except empty airplanes. The people who arrived yesterday waited and sat on the ground, some who insisted on leaving the airport had to cross on foot a couple of meters with the help of the army.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we the Lebanese, are being dissected and torn apart by two major evil forces, the Haririst and the Hezbollah!

The coming days will unveil the upcoming war, not necessarily a typical civil war which we are used to, but when RPGs, Snipers and bombs are used in a supposedly "peaceful" demonstration, then it is an ugly battle taking place to say the least.

Uuntil now, some of the Future movement members have closed the road in Saadneyil and also in Masnaa, which is the crossing border between Lebanon and Syria in response to the closing of the road to the airport by Hezbollah. The first, claimed that once the airport road is open, they will open the roads on their ends.

What is funny, is how refers to Future movement members as "Militia" (which maybe they are), but fails to calls the Hezbollah ones (who are doing exactly the same thing, even though they started it, but it's irrelevant at this moment) militias as well.

Congratulations to propaganda, stupidity and cowardness of the Lebanese people.

Israel closed down our aiport in July 2006, and now Hezbollah closes down the same airport in May 2008.

P.S. When Hezbollah was accused of using spy cameras on the road to the airport, they said if anyone removes those cameras are spies for Israel! Seriously?
Moreover, I don't want to be terrorized into doing or believing something, and at this point Hezbollah is terrorizing the government and the people into succumbing into their own demands.

Kudos for all the political parties for ruining Lebanon just when I thought it couldn't get worse.

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