Saturday, May 10, 2008

Round up about the latest clashes in Beirut

While someone thinks they've seen it all in Lebanon, and in Beirut in particular, the day and night carries with them another type of attack, another type of distress and another form of disappointment.

Yesterday, 6 institutions of media have been closed, and not just had their doors closed, in fact they're doors are wide open, but everything inside is either burned or broken to pieces. These institutions belong to the Future TV, Radio and Newspaper, and their variety of offices. The whole TV building has been burned by members belonging to the opposition factions.

This is a video of Sahar Al Khatib, a reporter from Future TV talking with a genuine voice about what happened to Future insitutions, on Kalam Al Nas show with Marcel Ghanem on LBCI.

Journalists and media personnel gathered at the Bourj Al-Ghazal Tower in Tabaris to express their rejection of yesterday’s forced closure of media institutions by opposition factions.

Yesterday's images have been scary, empty roads of residential areas with armed men walking and shooting in the air, scaring off anyone who thinks of going out to the balcony and checking out the weather. People were not able to get to Beirut or Leave to Beirut. Schools and Educational institutes, shops, banks, everything is closed in Beirut. Beirut is under siege.

Today, all locations that have been "occupied" by our own Lebanese brothers, have been handed over to the Lebanese army.


Moreover, the clashes and gunfire reached out to Aley, a druze region in majority. All in all, clashes, blocades and victims were not only in Beirut, but some parts of Bekaa, both Lebanese-Syrain borders, Masnaa and North Lebanon, Aley, Shouweyfat, Saida, Khaldeh, etc...

Below is a video about a real and spontenaous reaction for a kid and woman to gunfire near them in Beirut, this was broadcasted on Al-Arabia TV.

After Moorab's meeting yesterday for March 14, its outcome according to Lebanese-Forces leader Samir Geagea, that the recent events led by the opposition is an armed manner to overthrow the government. Read more about it here.

In the last three days and according to the Media, the toll is 18 casualties.

The most recent clashes are in Halba - Akkar, and word that there are 2 victims so far. For minute to minute news, check, and for more opinions and coverage.

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