Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rejoice, Lebanon`s savior is here

Now that the Doha agreement between the opposition and the government has took place, it appears to be a day of rejoice and celebration for the Lebanese. Because on Sunday, Lebanon will not be presidentless anymore. Both factions agreed on General Michel Suleiman as a president, and agreed on an electoral law, thanks to the opposition and their "sacrifice".

Tents are doing down, no more sit-in in Beirut Central District (Downtown). That's a good thing at least, this town is beautiful and hopefully some life will come back to it.

As we have gotten used to things by now, nothing is as simple as it appears, dialog has been called for since ever in Lebanon, they have had many attempts so far, 20 times the presidential elections has been postponed as well, and in 1 week, in Qatar, solution has been found. Is it a permanent solution or just a temporary one? On the regional scale, is something going to happen between Iran and Israel/US? We'll wait and see.

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