Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Peaceful demonstration or politicized one!

I stand corrected of what I said in yesterday's post, today's demonstration has been completely "politicized", meaning we can obviously see the political sides in it. Opposition on the streets and government on the other side indifferent. It is no longer about underpaid workers!

Gaz, fuel, oil prices have increased today.

Increasing the salaries alone, is not the solution, many things should be taken into consideration. This needs a serious study and not just a simple adjustment. Yes, we should go on the streets and ask for things to be solved and improved, but is this a peaceful demonstration?

It has been said by AL Manar that some Future movement members threw a bomb, rocks, and went up on the roofs to observe and possibly shoot by snipers on the demonstrators! And they even clashed with the army. If this is true (I don't think Al Manar is reliable or objective), then we definitely need our leaders to "control" their followers.

Moreover, has mentioned that ALL schools, shops and institutions in North Metn have closed. Which is not completely true, they did not close, however parents were worried of what might happen today, so not all parents sent their children to schools, and some (mostly official government workers) tried to reach work, but did not arrive due to some closed roads.
As for shops, many have opened, at least near where I live (which is in North Metn, close to east suburb of Beirut)

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