Saturday, May 10, 2008

Peace in Lebanon, or Hell on Earth

"Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding." Albert Einstein (1979-1955)

This is actually the proverb that I have had as "Quote of the week" for the past year I think, and everytime I decide to put a new proverb, I just can't find anything that describes our needs in Lebanon better.

As simple and straight to the point this quote is, as perfect as it describes what's happening now.

While listening to Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, the general secretary of Hezbollah political party, and military leader of the Lebanese Islamic resistence against any foreign insurgence, i.e. ISRAEL, I can't help but think how much this person is logical and convincing, nevertheless, this man's press conference had some flaws in it.

He did say, that anyone who tries to put his hands on Hezbollah's weapons, will be answered by the weapons, even if it is his dad. Hezbollah have a firm belief that Israel are their ennemies and are trying with the US to take over, more like, erase the Middle East. They strongly believe that they should and will react against their own brothers and sisters for the greater goal. I sometimes see where they are coming from, but I am also torn to think and ask myself: "Do I want to be terrorized by a very strong and powerful group". This is their beliefs, as we say in Lebanese "Yesteflo", this is their own war, and they are willing to kill and cause much distress, chaos and death in their own country just so they can achieve their own goal, which I don't necessarily believe is righteous myself. But if all your life you have been raised to think something, do you think anyone can come and change your mind? If anything, it is definitely not by weapons and stuborness.

The government knew better, and this is why for the past 26 years no one dared to criticize Hezbollah, not only the past 2 years or so, and this is when General Aoun signed on the Agreement form with Hezbollah. And FPMers wonder why some people went crazy over this step. Aoun did it because he felt that he was thrown out of the government, and Aoun, believing (maybe he does) of having a large audience in Lebanon who love him, wants to be a President. This is not the history of Lebanon, the history of Lebanon can have thousands of versions and stories and this is not what I intend to do. At this point, I am just trying to roughly see where each faction comes from and how it is IMPOSSIBLE for us Lebanese to ever agree on something.

Lebanese history cannot be written.

Is it wrong to not take Life to seriously spending all the time fighting for something, that most probably is not that important? What is life really, and what is our mission? Shouldn't just we live well and let others live well? Yes, naive thought.

I personally do not want to spend my life worried about people I know and love, thinking at any moment, they can be near an explosion, near a clash, and so on. Is this what Lebanon is? Will it ever be a normal country? This small country has so many differences, and what confuses me the most, is that politics aside, the majority wants to just lead a normal life in Lebanon. We all praise Lebanon, and how beautiful it is, a heaven on earth, sea near the mountains, partying and clubbing, activities, fun, music, great food.

Is it really? Most of the time it is, but the couple of months per year, in which we are blessed to have, a war with Israel, a war with Shaker el Absi and his crew, and now once again a war between each other! Only brings me back to feel like I am in Hell, and Lebanon is nothing but Hell on Earth.

There is no way, we will ever agree on something, if we do, it's only temporary.

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