Sunday, May 25, 2008

Only in Lebanon

Signs you'll only see in Lebanon!

In Lebanon we tend to translate political beliefs, idiocricy and silly propaganda into our billboards, billboards that are supposed to ambush us by telling us that a car with the current year model is only 10'000$, which contains beneath it in a very very small font "Excluding VAT, Excluding Registration, Excluding Gear, Excluding Wheels..."

Anyway, I got three signs for you! I was at the Housing thingie applying to get a loan for a house, and I saw a sign that said: "Please don't turn off your cigarettes on the floor". I thought I was reading it wrong expecting something like "Please don't smoke". I am so retro.

Another funny one coupled with "Sex, Unisex":

No comment really, it is all thanks to Aoun that "partnership" is back to Lebanon.

And finally, something that REALLY reminds me of the time when Emile Lahoud, the most hated guy in Lebanon for the past 9 years. New billboards Thanking General Michel Suleiman, our upcoming president.

It is just amazing how Lebanese forget, get so excited, so happy over anything slightly positive, clinging to an atom of hope, thinking that everything in just 2 days can make the country better. It does give this vibes, it really does, but we're just repeating history if we keep doing the same mistakes, the same reactions and the same way of thinking. Silly us.


  1. Liliane, thanks for that post, and the billboard picture, which I used to illustrate a piece on Lebanon at my Mideast site (with attribution and link). I hope that's OK. If not, let me know ( and I'll take it down. I'm an old Beiruti myself, au fait. Sodeco. Exile class of '78.

  2. Hi Liliane, I added you to my blog roll