Thursday, May 08, 2008

Nasrallah threw the ball in the government`s court

Or at least, this is how he made it appear. No one denies the power of convincing this man has, but there were a lot of flaws in his press conference. I will get into them later.

But in a summary, he spoke about 3 main points:
1- The private communications central
2- The airport and Chief Wafik Shoukair
3- The crisis

The major points were the following:
1- Sheik Nasrallah explained that a major part of a resistance or army's weapons are the communications, and they need a safe one as unwired and mobile phones are breached and will allow Israel to know their tactics.
2- He called this government to be Walid Jumblat's government, whom is an employee working for Condoleeza Rice
3- The airport step, is to prevent from any clashes in the future with the army and national security, because Hezbollah has no desire in clashing with the army, showing much respect to them
4- Nasrallah threatened anyone who approaches their weapons, will get his hand cut off. Even though he promised before that Hezbollah's weapons won't be used inside Lebanon, he said when the government crossed the line and declared war by taking the decision that Hezbolla's communications are illegal and a national threat
5- Narallah said that they have no interest in taking over the country, the government or any political stand.
6- The don't want Chief Wafik Shoukair to be removed, because they don't want the airport to become an FBI, CIA and Mossad base, which is near their homes.
7- Nasrallah told others to stop using the "Civil war erupting between sunnist and chiite" anymore, as it will not happen!
8- He finally said that there are two things the government can do that will solve the recent issues in Lebanon, which is taking back the decisions in confiscating Hezbolla's communication (which is a big part of their weapons), and answering Berri's call for dialog.

There has been heard some gun shooting as a joyful response to Nasrallah's press conference once it finished, which later led to armed clashes in the streets of Beirut, in principal in Kornishe Al Mazraa, Ras Al Nabaa, Aisha Bakkar, Karakol el Druze.

It has moved from just burning tires, throwing rocks, blocking roads and occasional gun fire in the air, it is now officially a battle between members from Hezbollah and members from the Future Movement, using AK47, RPGs, B7 and Bombs...

Some minutes pass by when it is relatively calm, and only after a couple of minutes to reintiate the gunfire between the two groups. Some persons are wearing masks, and hiding behind buildings, and stealing a moment every minute to shoot at the others, and at buildings. Smoke can be seen from as far as Mount Lebanon.

The party has just begun, Saad Hariri will have another press conference tonight, and now that the ball is in the government's court, I do not see any atom of hope that they will calm things down, as a matter of fact, there is a high probablity that they will only escalate things. Which will translate into the streets as more shootings, bombs and rockets.

The army at this point is not getting involved, I believe they cannot do anything right now, due to the fact that the leaders of both parties did not try to halt anything. The army gave a statement that things cannot be solved by guns, but only by dialog.

Armed clashes for now are between Sunni members and Shiite members, no christian existence yet. If by any shroud of bad luck, christians do get involve, there is a risk that the clashes will reach christian regions, which then officially declares a civil war in Lebanon.

We hope, by a miracle from God, that everything stops today.

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Update: There is a fire in one of the residential areas, and they're shooting at the fire department so they do not put the fire down!

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