Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lebanese Army`s statement to the rescue

The Lebanese Army declared the following statement (not word by word):
- It has been decided to keep Chief Wafik Shoukeir in his position in the airport
- Demanded for all armed forces to be withdrawn from the streets, and to open all the streets

I believe that this statement, is not only the road for things to get better, but it is even better than we have asked for.

With the leadership of the army deciding to keep the Chief Shoukeir in his position in the airport, the first point of Nasrallah's demand is being met, and the first point of the government's demand is also applied.

By this, Hezbollah is bound to accept the 2nd point of the government which is electing General Michel Sleiman as president, as courtesy to his wise decisions in the past few days and especially in the Shoukeir one.

Moreover, this can lead everyone to the dialog again.

Prediction not for the near future, but for the slightly far one, there will be new elections soon.


  1. Agreed :-)

    And the elections is what I look forward to.
    Will the 2009 elections be voted by the Lebanese People who witnessed these past 2 years, will vote fo the same candidates??

    That, I'd love to see.

  2. IF same candidates are voted for, and we have only us to blame!