Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hariri threw back the ball to Hezbollah`s court

In summary, the speech that Hariri gave tonight at 8:10 pm, in response to Nasrallah's press conference this afternoon, concluded in 4 main points which Hariri believes if Nasrallah complies by them, then he does mean well.
1- Within the army regime, there will be ones assigned to investigate the Chief Shoukair issue
2- Reopen the road to the airport and free Beirut from its siege
3- Elect General Michel Sleiman as President
4- Sit together and try to talk things thru led by the newly elected president.

Hariri also highly insisted that he does not want a war and turmoil erupting between sunnist and chiite, and their sole enemy is Israel, and that the airport will not become a base for CIA, FBI and Mossad, and the issue with the communication was not a problem if it is about 3, 4 or 5000 lines, but when it reached 99000 and 999000 then it is a threatening issue for the government and they need to maintain national security.

Now, this kinds of seems like the government is willing to give and take, they did not exactly answer Nasrallah's two demands to make things better, but I believe this is how negotiations go.

Let's cross our fingers.

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