Saturday, May 24, 2008

Downtown Beirut Back to Life, sorta!

As soon as the opposition dismantled their tents and removed every last trace of their presence that has been ongoing since December 1, 2006 in the purpose of overthrowing the Siniora Government back, due to the recent dialog that took place in Qatar and resulted in agreement between both factions, the opposition and the government, Sunday will be crowned (crowned??) by a new President for Lebanon, General Michel Suleiman and downtown Beirut is back to life, sort of!

I went to Downtown Beirut tonight, as our friends were there, and we thought we'd join them, as I heard yesterday that downtown is overbooming, and everybody's hanging out there again, so I thought, let me check out what the fuss is all about. Don't wanna sound hypocrit, downtown beirut used to be one of my favorite hang out places, even before it had so many restaurants and such.

Unfortunately, the central district of Beirut, even if it tried so hard to embrace the so many people visiting it and remeniscing the old times, the restaurants, the few of them that were still open and did not close during the past year, the few ones that still had staff and enough food to feed the hungry people.

Many places were still closed, so my friends and I went to our usual favorite restaurant, Roadster's Diner, but an unusual branch, the downtown one. It had only 5 staffs, and on average, you get your meal after 10 minutes of ordering it, but tonight, it took more than 40 minutes! Oh, it was not my first order, because they did not have food for first order. Fine, it's okay, I kept encouraging those hard working waiters.

Moreover, I saw a couple of Ferraris on the road tonight. And they say there is no money in this country!


  1. hope you'll see some "good times" ahead, enjoy the simple things in life (food,music,culture). sometimes events reminds us it is not to be taken for granted.