Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dialog in Qatar and Berri in Pyjamas

Source NowLebanon.com

Apparently, it's not going well. All I saw yesterday on the news was that Berri was in the Qatari tradiotional outfit, known as "Dishdesheh", I think. But that's not all, he was also wearing slippers. I am thinking he feels more comfortable in Qatar. Hopefully, others will join him, and they all stay there.

We are back to square zero, because even if both factions, the opposition and pro-government have agreed on a president, General Michel Suleiman, they still disagree on the electoral law that will be used in the next parliamentary elections. How will Beirut's district be divided? For those who don't know, it is a simple matter of math, each faction is giving the division that it will win for it more seats at the parliament. I have no idea, how they can actually find a solution for that. I am sure no faction will sacrifice for the other, because after all, it is not Lebanon that it matters for them, it apparently is their own benefits.

Source NowLebanon.com

Today, an organization named KHALAS organized a gathering along the road of the airport to call for the leaders not to come back in case they don't agree. Talk about improbable things.

Not wanting to sound pessimistic, yet it seems like the day the opposition and the government agree will be when we won't have a Global Warming problem. At least there is hope.

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