Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Calls for demonstration due to recent expensive living expenses

Bit by bit, we the Lebanese have been shot by an anesthesia needle, leaving us stoned and high and not comprehending what has been going onaround us. It is true that the prices of food, oil, transportation and everything directly and indirectly related to them have been rising drastically, while we the Lebanese, have been truly wasting time listening to leaders throw back and forth silly, ridiculous, offensive and useless comments and statements.

Nevertheless, it has been decided that tomorrow, there will be a strike, a demonstration, called by the Lebanese Workers Union, and that is to go on the streets against the government, against the fact that the government is not doing anything about it.

Until today, the minimum wage in Lebanon is 200$. Even though few people receive the minimum wage, still having such low minimum wages, lead to having low salaries in general.

Moreover having prices of milk, cheese, bread, vegetables, fuel, school payments, insurance, continually increasing, is not equivalent or even close to equivalent to actually making ends meet or surviving based on the minimum wage or close amounts of paychecks to it.

Hopefully, the demonstrations will be and remain peaceful, and that the army will do its job when necessary and if anything really needs to be taken care of. We do not want violence or that this demonstration take sides, as opposition against government. We want it to be a simple matter and a righteous demand for the average Lebanese citizen, for the father and mother, whom both salaries barely cover food and school for their children, to improve their life.

More articles on the matter can be read on Tayyar.org.

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