Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Brainwash, Extremism, Animals

Day after day I only realise how much difference there is between us and they, between the people who want this, and the people who want that.

It is not only about what we want and what they want, it's about how we look at things and how they look at things.

To be able to look at the other and trust them without being afraid, takes a lot of work and patience, and few of us are willing to invest time in shortening the distance of ignorance.

I received today a powerpoint presentation about Iran, sent by people who don't want to be terrorized by Hezbollah and Iran (according to them) and trying to raise awareness in their own way. Of course, it had pictures of executed men, hung from their necks and left to die for actions as silly as drinking booze, men being tortured and whipped and women being buried while alive and such. I don't know when was that, or where was that exactly, it might be Iran or not, but wherever it was, it is horrible, inhumane, unacceptable, existant and there should be something we can do about it.

It depends on which level you are looking at things, because today I can only see two poles when watching TV, reading the news websites and listening to the news on the radio. These two poles are as far from each other as they can be, and as close to each other as they shouldn't be, or maybe they should be that close?

It's very simple, I know many people, and I might be one of them, who are afraid of Hezbollah everthrowing the government, ruling Lebanon and making Lebanon a second Iran. How do we answer those fears? are they valid? do they make sense?

In its sacred and divine ideology, religion should be here to help, and not ruin and destroy. As smart and intelligent as a human being can be, as extremist and dangerous and stupid as "human being" can be. Brainwashing? That's another story. I will talk about it some other time.


  1. i ll quote someone from the 14 march leaders about the hezbollah.

    "They are lebanese after all" with a sort of irony.

    maybe a first step is for the 8 of march to consider the future etc... as lebanese and for what we call 14 of march, to consider hezbollah as lebanese as well.

    this is how the dialogue should be taking place, on our common denominators

  2. Hezbollah Lebanese?! Gimme a break. They are funded by Iran, armed by Iran, trained by Iran, fed by Iran and absolutely ordered by Iran (ever notice their escalations seem to coincide with Iran being in the news and/or approaching some type of deadline).

    I would go so far as to call Hezbollah a DEJURE unit of the Iranian Military. That said, they are an occupying power. It's funny (well, not really funny) what a uniform will do. If Hezbollah marched into Beirut wearing Iranian military uniforms, the world would be up in arms; by because they dress as private citizens people accept them as a fact-of-life.

    Hezbollah's crimes against Lebanon are vast. They occupy the south, they have attemped a coup in the past few months (at very least, they practiced open intimidation), and they use Lebanon as a base for it's unjust seige against Israel.

    Israel left ALL OF LEBANON almost a decade ago (in 2000), we are talking all of Lebanon down to the last MM. Hezbollah's reaction? Increasing it's arnament, building tunnels, fortifying in civilian areas (essentially hiding behind the skirts of women and toys of children), and invading Israel-proper.

    Sad fact: Hezbollah has no regard for Lebanese law nor its people. They fight THEIR wars in Lebanon and use its civilians as human shields! Hezbollah attacks without provocation and if not confronted head-on, will continue to detract from the beauty, the development, the jewel that is Lebanon.

    The Arab world rises up everytime a civilian is accidently killed when Israel is forced to go after a mass-murderer yet they are absolutely silent about Iranian meddling, Hezbollah war-mongering & the tyrannical corruption that plagues the entire Arab&Persian Middle East.

    In the words of Sinead Oconner: FIGHT THE REAL ENEMY.