Sunday, May 11, 2008

Awaiting.... what?

Sunday 11th of May, 2008, the 5th day of the bloody demonstration gone wrong, of the strike gone war, of the genuine demands gone terrorizing.

The airport road, the port road and the Masnaa road (bordering with Syria) is still closed, and many other roads in Beirut are still closed. Lebanese army is widely spread in all Beirut, and there are no sign of armed men on the streets, even the Sukleen cleaners are on the roads cleaning. However the civil disobedience asked for by the Opposition leaders is still present until all their demands are met.

North Lebanon is calmer now, some sort of agreement on calming things down have been set.

Many foreigners are leaving Lebanon, and some have been advices by their own embassies to leave Lebanon.


The arab ministers will be in session soon, in order to discuss the current crisis in Lebanon. Should we expect much from them? I believe not, until now, they never really helped this much. Refraining from offending anyone, but we all know who the big regional players are, and at this point, all negotiations are done silently and discretly away from the crowds.

The death toll has risen to more than 40, I don't have the exact number, but yesterday alone had 20 casualties. In particular, the victim during the Tarik Jadidah's funeral.

Siniora is not budging, the army is trying to compromise, the opposition is still firm, less firm than the beginning, nonetheless, it appears for the situation to get better, it needs a minimum of another 2, 3 days of tension.


  1. Lebanon is a French mistake that should be fixed!!!!!!

    1 the north goes to syria.

    2 the south goes to that animal Nasralah. (yes a shiaa state.)

    Yes end this failed state.

  2. i can't understand one thing. is it ok with you guys to have such an entity that doesn't obey your elected leaders inside your country?

  3. personally, it's not okay with me

  4. but you all cheered for them in the 2006 war, no?
    (at least it looks like that in the media)

  5. Some did, some did not. I did personally defended them. When you're defending your country is something, when you're attacking it, that's a whole different story.

  6. but it was them how initiated the violence, no? if Lebanon was to be defended why wasn't the Lebanon Army doing the job? Did the Lebanon Army had any posts on the Lebanon-Israel border? why didn't the Hezbollah joined the Lebanon Army in Y2K?
    I can't really avoid thinking of the old saying about dogs, flees and sleeping if you know what i mean....

  7. If you mean initiating violence with Israel, that is not completely true, because we all know both Israel and Hezbollah were preparing for this war for a long time.
    The army was not spread on the Israeli border, because only recently did the army really re-gain itself, before 2005, the Lebanese army was ... useless, with the syrian presence and all, after syria withdrew, the Lebanese army started regaining themselves bit by bit, and the Lebanese army is no match to Israel, and Hezbollah are the resistence against an foreign force.

    Now we all know, things have gone much more complicated than that, Israel and the US and many countries consider Hezbollah terrorists, they did the 1701 and 1559 to take away their weapons, Hezbollah felt threatened, and their main target and goal in Life is destroying the zionist and defending Lebanon from them (i am just explaining here, not defending).
    Eventually, with the recent events they used force against their own people, because for them, defending Lebanon against Israel is more important.

    I, personally am against weapons, wars, i don't want ennemies and definitely not Israel as an ennemy, but I still think the government should find some sort of middle ground here and try to match things for all Lebanese. Feasible? Yes, Improbable, yes!

  8. thank you for you insight. i totally disagree with about the fact that war was unavoidable and Hezbulla only shot the first round of bullets, but thats irrelevant to this thread.
    I also disagree with you about finding the middle ground here. there is no way a sovereign sate should allow foreign force to reside inside it. a monopoly over violence is one of the significants lineament of a state. imagine Hezbula building their own police and start managing traffic according to their laws. If Hezbula really thinks that It can defend Lebanon from Israel (BTW - what Israel demands of Lebanon? are there any border disputes?) then it should join the Lebanon Army. but i can't avoid the filling that its only goal is to serve as an extension and long arm of Iran in the area.

  9. Maybe the July 2006 war was avoidable, but only temporarily, because it was bound to happen! And it did! And a silly reason even triggered it, like kidnapping two soldiers, of course silly in the meaning of war and whatlike.

    As for the Hezbollah enrolling or being a special section in the Army, I think (even though I hope it can be applied), it is a unfeasable thing:
    - Because they will be under the leadership of the army, under their rules and they will have to follow it

    And the resistence by themselves, have a different way of looking at things, whether they are right or not in what they believe, but what they believe is strong enough to make them ready "to die" for the sake of their own country and people and goal.

    A soldier, is of course someone dedicated, but not as much as a resistance member... I think.

    Or it could be the scenario that most of the world think, that is the excuse why Hezbollah doesnt join the army, is because they ARE an extension for Iran in the area, as Iran and Israel are the biggest ennemies of our time.

    Will we ever know the truth?

  10. kidnapping two soldiers, killing of 3 and shelling the north of Isreal,I dont know about you, but for me that's not silly at all. i truelly hope that if my country will be attacked in the same mammner we will go to war against the aggresor.
    as for the secound part...i think the answer is quite obios. Iran is using your country in a very cinical way. they can attack Israel with exposing them self for retaliation. I am suprised that Israelies didn't use the same stragey by arming and trying the Kurd oposition in Iran.

  11. Well sp, you see, it was not the first time this happens. Maybe yes, logically when a country insurges troops in its ennemie's land and kidnaps some of their soldiers, it would call for a war. But actually not, there should be at least negotiations to see what happened. And South Lebanon vs North Israel, nothing new was to them. But if you read some of the articles posted back in July and August 2006, you can see how many times Olmert referred to the fact that this war was planned.
    Thus the kidnapping was nothing but a trigger. The sarcastic and ridiculous thing was when Sheik Nasrallah said, that he did not expect that it will trigger the war. This is when I personally got pissed at Nasrallah for real, late reaction? I know!

    Well good point about Iran and the kurds, you never know though.

  12. Well, as i said before - i don;t agree with you. in my country we prepared for a war with NATO forces for a long time. we had plans, the equipment ready, everybody knew what their position was in case such war erupted. the fact that we prepared our self to such war doesn't mean we wished for one or though it will happen someday. and again, i do believe the kidnapping+killing+shelling is a justify reason to go to war - not to negotiations. if i am not mistaking negotiations was the solution to the other times Hebulla attached Israel since Y2K. it looks like it didn't work that well...
    Don't get me wrong, i really do love Lebanon. my great grandmother, whom i had the previlage to know until i was 17, told a lot of stories about how they used to do their sumer vacation in Lebanon in the early 20th century up until WWII. i have in my house a few beautiful articles she broth from there as mementos. but the current situation right now looks like poetic justice. if you don't fight serpents inside your country only because it serves your interests, you'll end up later being beaten by the same snake....

  13. I see, well first of all, let me guess, you're in Italy?
    And second of all, yes Lebanon has a lot of nice things, especially a great place for vacation, I highly recommend it (if things are back to normal of course).

    It's true, but you know, even though Hezbollah might seem to be the biggest danger in Lebanon, but they're not. We have more evils to deal with, and Hezbollah are nothing but another pawn, nevertheless what makes them so strong is that they are united and they believe in their cause (whether it was just or not), and taking away their weapons will unleash hell on earth, in Lebanon at least. So for now, we shot put a sock in our mouth and accept what they're throwing at us, but I personally believe that it is bound to get bad again... it's a volcano waiting to be erupted.

  14. I am a unknown person, but my family is very famous, there for i prefer to give as little information about me as possible (hope you dot mind or consider it rude). but i am not from Italy - a bit east from there.
    as for how to deal with Hezbulla - i really don't know, but something has to be done. you can't accept such thing in a free country