Friday, April 25, 2008

Lebanon, good or bad change?

Yesterday while I was driving to work, I had my car's sun roof open, and there was a pickup in front of me throwing diesel from its exhaust, I couldn't breathe anymore! And this made me realize that it has been a couple of weeks since breathing for me has been hard and not quite joyable anymore! We are not breathing oxygen alone, I am not sure what kind of mutant we might become due to this so much pollution in the air, but I know it's bad. We need a solution badly!

There has been some more installation of traffic lights along Jdeideh to Dekwaneh Highway, and amazingly people are respecting it. Maybe not 100%, but a good 85% or so. I love this, us, the Lebanese people, the unorganized chaotic rebellious people, are respecting those lights, and why? Because if we don't, while everybody else is, we die... Or if we don't die, we get a ticket.

This is the end of April, May is usually a great month in Lebanon, the best weather, because it's not too hot or humid, and it's not cold, it's perfect. But what happens to the Tourism in Lebanon? Are tourists going to come to Lebanon this year? I've heard that many countries have warned their citizens from coming to Lebanon, this was a couple of months ago, I am not sure if this is the case. The reason why they are spreading this warning, is because they fear of another war in Lebanon.

War in Lebanon? No way Hosey! 12 days ago, it was April 13, the commemoration of the civil war that erupted in 1975. A war that no body wants, but everybody fears.
But the real war that scares most of the Lebanese, is July 2006's daughter. Will she give birth this summer? I surely hope not. It is definitely the case that Israel has been on their toes lately, especially since Mughnieh was assassinated last winter. However, will they attack? Will Hezbollah do another operation that would tick the Israelis off and bring them to war? I guess not, there is this thing we call surprise, and if they do attack, it won't be a surprise, and one of the best elements of war (not that I encourage it), but in the Art of war, when you want to win something, you ought to surprise your enemy and give it to them when they least expect it.

Alas with the presidential elections, nothing yet. And I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but we hardly notice this emptiness. The real deal is that our life-long complexe insecure leaders finally agree on something, because this is very pathetic. Yes we know, it's not just about Lebanon, but it's also a regional thing, but enough is enough, I sometimes feel while Lebanon was on the top in the middle east, the Switzerland of the east, the paris of the arabs, all those things that are happening to it, only blooms and improves other countries such as UAE, Qatar or Jordan. While we dig deep and sink, they rise and fly. Who's fault is this?

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