Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Regional Updates, negative vibes

With the most recent assault by Isarel on Palestine, and more than a hundred killed with barely 1 week, we can only think of how much human rights are being violated by Israel. Countries such as India, Iran and China are condemning the use of force excercised by Israel on Ghaza and are demanding them to stop it. (Click here to sign a petition for a ceasefire) [1]

The Palestine Human Rights Campaign abhors the escalation of attacks and ground incursions Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) against Gaza in recent days. Today the attacks killed 31 Palestinians; including 8 children. Among the civilian casualties are thirteen who were killed INSIDE their homes. In the past five days IOF killed over 100 people have been and approximately 150 injured. At least a third are children according to medical sources and most of the casualties are civilians.

Meanwhile, US warships, a guided missile destroyer and USS Cole have resided on the Lebanese cost last Thursday 28 February. US claims that it is there because they are worried about the situation in Lebanon. Other explanations by other sides declare that they are here because of Syria and Iran. [2]

The United States has ordered a warship to take up position off the coast of Lebanon in a show of support for the country's embattled government.
The deployment of the USS Cole is being seen as a warning to Syria which - along with Iran - backs the opposition.

Lebanon remains without a president. The presidential elections has been postponed 15 times so far, and is due to take place on March 11.[2]

Lebanon has not had a president since 24 November, when pro-Syrian Emile Lahoud left office. Parliament has repeatedly failed to elect a successor amid an ongoing row over candidates.

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