Thursday, March 06, 2008

Job Vacancy: President, send in your resumé

Why don't they consider the presidency in Lebanon as a job vacancy. The candidates should submit their CVs(résumés), and if by first look by the recruiter they are qualified for an interview, they get interviewed by the HR. They should of course, take a bath and dress neatly, be punctual and show up to this interview .
We all know the main objective of an interview with the HR is to meet the minimum requirements technically (should have the appropriate background, degrees and experience), and to meet a good deal of personality points such as being presentable, respectful, polite, a good team player and such.

If all goes well, the candidate should go into his next interview, the technical one. Technically for this President job position, the person should know how to run a country, or at least had run a country or something close, to show leadership, self-control, management, diplomacy, patience, wisdom, someone who keeps his promises, knowns about economy, cares for the country and considers its well being as the first priority, respects all the citizens and colleagues, modest, a good listener, someone with a good record (not a criminal, an ex-convict, a ex-crazy person), someone who believes in justice and peace, someone who does not succumb to power, but to strength, instead of leaning below the big players, someone who does not get lured into evil but to good, ...
Things from that sort, if you have more of these job description points, please do comment.

Last thought: "if any of the current candidates apply for this job and should meet all these requirements, who do you really and honestly think will and should get the job?"


  1. You should check out the group i created long time ago :)

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  2. would be quite funny if it wasnt so sad