Sunday, February 03, 2008

When you hear ambulance sirens, move away PLEASE

This is a humane call to everyone out-there, whether you have a car or you're just a passenger.

Make sure you move your car to the right when you hear ambulance and fire trucks sirens.

Yesterday there was this massive traffic due to a big accident between a bus that had flipped on its side and an SUV car, on the road to Beit el Shaar, Elissar. And what did people do? They did a 5th line (on the way up) leading to two things:
- Blocking the road for the ambulance vehicles and the fire truck to arrive to the accident area and save the wounded people
- Blocking the road for the ambulance vehicles to leave with the severly wounded people back to the hospital

And what for? Only for selfish people not to get stuck in the traffic.

People, I urge you to think that it could've been someone you know, be human and think about others, and move away to the right side of the road, and most importantly do not block either side! PLEASE tell others about this, raise awareness, do not sit idle and let people die because of a matter of seconds and minutes!