Thursday, February 14, 2008

14 February 2008

On this day marked as a holiday (although I personally think it shouldn't, we have much more than 1 assassinated person, should we declare all these days as holidays?), where all schools and universities, official institutions and some private sector companies are closed, people have started to gather coming from North Lebanon, Akkar, Shikka, Anfeh, Kobayet and others, hundreds of cars and dozens of buses, with Hariri and other Lebanese martyrs pictures, Lebanese Forces and Phalanges flags. This gathering is intended to go participate in the 3rd commemoration of Rafic Hariri's assassination in 14 February 2005.

More groups from Zgharta are holding Rene Mouawad pictures as well while coming to Beirut District to the participation.

Expatriates have come from abroad to participate in today's gathering (14 March), and some of them have one message, they are asking for a president for Lebanon.

At the same time, today at 2pm and in the southern suburb of Beirut, a public march will be held for the burial of Imad Moughanieh who was assassinated in an explosion near the Iranian school in Damascus Syria on Tuesday, February 12, 2008. Imad Moughanieh is a senior member in Hezbollah accused of being in charge of the 1983-94 bombings of the American Embassy only at 19 years old and the 1992 bombings of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aeris killing hundreds of people. He is on top of the wanted list in Israel, considered as a fugitive and terrorist. The US administration welcomed this assassination, saying the world is safer with one less dangerous man.
Saad Hariri, Rafic Hariri's son, said only the grief united 8 and 14 March on this sad day.

Sad day or Valentine's day? No body knows in Lebanon anymore.

Worries of clashes between the two clans, even though at separate locations, however people will be coming from all over Lebanon to both gatherings.

Stay tuned for more news and updates on today's commemoration of Hariri and Burial of Moughanieh.

Taken from LBC Group Website

Update 9:57am:
- Many convoys are stuck in the high mountains because of the snow.
- A Lebanese Forces convoy starting from Jbeil to Batroun is preparing to arrive to Martyr's square

Update 11:30am:
- A huge traffic on the roads that lead to the central Beirut district, especially those coming from North. It has been advised to park in Dora and continue walking.
- A flame has been lit in the memory of Rafic Hariri in Saint George, the area where he was assassinated 3 years ago. Bahia Hariri, the ex-prime minister's sister has been present on the uncovering of the memorial statue of Rafic al Hariri.
- Till now many speakers have addressed the large presence in the Martyr's square, paying tribute to all the assassinated in the last 3 years, be it the Politicians, Government members, Forces and Army, Journalists: Rafic Hariri, Bassel Fleihan, Samir Assir, George Hawi, Gibran Tueni, Pierre Gemayel, Antoine Ghanem, Walid Eido, Francois el Haj, and the latest Wissam Eid.

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