Sunday, January 27, 2008

No electricity leads to violence

This is my personal opinion.


I understand that having the electricity be cut off repeatedly is an annoying thing. First of all, my condolences and real sadness goes towards the families of those who died today in the demonstrations that led to violence, tire burning and closing important roads, such as the airport's. However, I don't know the exact story here, but only from what we hear in the media, whether certain elements were present inside the groups in order to steer this demonstration into a violent one, or mainly angry people demanding electricity, either ways, it's sad and not right. And no one should die for such a cause.
Maybe what happened today (and still happening) is not exactly the same situation as I am going to mention, but it's worth mentioning. We have had electricity be cut off several hours per day (sometimes the whole day), for as long as I remember (for many decades), and we have always paid our bills, and never complained (at least not in demonstrations and tire burning)
We all know that in Baalbeck, Southern Dahye and many other regions, electricity bills are not paid, and collectors are beaten up if they even try to.

It's not an electricity issue, it's just a reason to shed more blood in this country, like we need more reason. Anyway whatever the problem is, we trust that our Lebanese army will have things under control.

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