Sunday, January 13, 2008

Maxim Chaya and Dr. Michel Obeid with Marcel Ghanem

Finally Marcel Ghanem (LBCI) had two men who are a pride to Lebanon, on his show "Kalam El Nas" last Friday 11 January 2008. Personally, I think it's a waste of time when he has political figures over, they repeat the same stuff and make people more edgy, xenophobic and full of anger, therefore I really beleive he should do more educational shows, awareness, health, economical, business oriented...

Anyway, Maxim Chaya from Lebanon has reached Mount Everest's summit end of year 2007. This is his blog: The Three Poles
This is a video of him planting the Lebanese Flag on the summit, taken from LBC's Kalam El Nas show with Marcel Ghanem.

As for Dr. Michel Obeid (25 years of age) also from Lebanon who was also on the show on Friday 11 January 2008, has done researches in Paris and reached some discoveries (article) in March 2007, concerning a cure for cancer diseases. Basically, the studies he and his team led, were on 12 different types of cancer, the most popular and fatal ones. Please note that, and as he specifically mentioned, it will take up to 10 years to make this medication (if any), because they still did not test it on humans and there is a long process for such a thing to take place.

However and this is my personal opinion, it seems that he really have deep knowledge in cancer cells and how they work, as he explained it will be better than Chemo and Radio therapy, as the last two also kill good cells, decreasing the immunity level of the body and putting it at risk. Seems like there really is hope for finding a cure, it is a matter of a decade or so, but definitely a topic which more researches should be involved with to finding more and more info, in hope that it has no side effects, which according to Dr. Michel Obeid, it did not show any side effects at all.
More info here.


  1. No doubts he participated in a great discovery, but pretentious and non preofessional as he is, he is pretending he is the big genius who discovered the whole thing by himself. Sixteen other people officially participated in this study (check the article), without mentioning previous results in his laboratory and the great boss he had. Unfortunately the whole institute where he used to work despises him... and he has legal problems with his previous collegues. It will be nice if you describe the story in a more realistic way. Thank you.

  2. I agree with the previous commentator. In fact, any scientist with a full comprehension and commitment to the ethics of the field, would have the professional decency not to claim the right to the discovery when clearly the idea was present in the lab of the student’s mentor even before he joined the program. He was indeed a first author on one of the papers, which undeniably proves that he is a good scientist but the Nature Medicine paper, where the idea was first presented, was clearly led by another scientist. I also think a journalist should familiarize oneself with the advances made in the whole field before jumping into conclusions and stretching the finding and dispersing paranoia about cures hidden and politics in science. Many of Dr. Obaid’s peers, including many Lebanese cancer researchers, are indeed making difference in the field and finding many significant therapeutic leads, but many, myself included, did not have the ingenuity to claim the whole work to themselves. I am not familiar with the legal issues that the previous commentator, but this propagates the idea that science is about the work of a community and I hope Dr. Obaid will be safe from any isolation by the scientific community. We sure are proud of him and wish him the best as a young scientist. I did read up on the work and I think it is indeed promising. A lot of people have now an aversion towards chemotherapy, which since Taxol was discovered, is still our best bet. I really wish people would be more responsible. A finding that still remains at the molecular level, is in no way ready to be presented as an alternative or a cure.

  3. Un petit detail : Dr. Obeid vient d`avoir son doctorat. La premiere fois paru a la tele, il s`est fait passe pour un Dr. avant de l`etre... Il parle qu`il prescipt des medicaments pour la chimio ainsi que la radiotherapie alors qu`il es plutot un biochimiste et n`a pas d`autorite de prescription.
    Ou sont les preuves des nombreux prix qu`il a eu (la lettre de ABI qu`il a montree a la tele ne vaut rien) et d`ailleurs sur internet on ne parle de lui que sur des sites libanais "pauvres". Calculez SVP l "impact factor" de ses publications scientifiques avec une precision (attention a Obeid MT, ce n`est pas lui), vous verrez bien s`il peut vraiment etre un des 1000 cerveaux de l`annee 2007 !!!
    Personnellement je ne suis pas au liban pour reagir alors j`aimerai bien stimuler les libanais contre une telle fraude. Avec mon respect Dr. Obeid, dans les regles de l`Art!

  4. dear scientific, let me add that based on the standards that Dr. Obeid is going with, we must be around 50 different labs, thousands of PhD candidates, fellows, MDs and PIs all over the world, who have cured cancer a long time ago.
    A cancer research paper does not get you into clinical trials and does not get you a patented drug.

  5. First of all, thanks a lot for you comments, I wish you would mention your names, it's hard to differentiate between 3 anonymous :)

    For Ano 1, my references are actually the Kalam el Nas show, in which I only in a summarized and simplified way explained what Dr. Obeid said, and what I understood.
    The article I linked to, did not mention his 16 members team. However, in the show, Dr. Obeid did mention that he has a team he works with.

    For Ano 2, if this is the case, whereas Dr. Obeid only continued an existing idea, then I am sure the Science community and the experts in the field, those who evaluate discoveries and papers will be able to know (I am sure you are familiar with State of the art). However, and from what it appears, he wouldn't really have received so much attention if he wasn't a first discovered in the field.

    Ano 3, cancered has not been fully cured as far as I know, it has been delt with in many ways which are still open for studies and improvements. As for your second point, note that, I did say he did not find a cure, but a discovery that concerns a cure. And that it is still not the end of it, yet the beginning, that there is no closure on that matter, as it still requires more research and it will take up to a bit more than a decade to make the cure "if any"!!

    To Scientist, I as many others are only spectators to what is happening, whether he really has prizes or not, if he once called himself a doctor before defending his Thesis and actually receiving the title, is not a nice thing, but not a deadly sin. I am only transferring information.

    Nevertheless thank you all for commenting and sharing your information. What matters the most, is to actually one day have a cure for all cancer diseases by any scientist, Lebanese or not :)

  6. One more thing, I am also a scientist, and I realize how important is research, and that most of the time, no body actually invents anything, but actually continues a study, a research done a month ago or a year ago, to add to it, and for the lucky ones to actually add that epsilon that makes the discovery important, and that last person gets the credit. But you and I know, there are those hundreds of scientist before him who have contributed for this discovery as well. We're definitely grateful to them.

  7. Ano 1:
    He did his PhD studies in the same institute where I have been working for 3 years. So what I am telling you is accurate.
    As for the article:
    Calreticulin exposure dictates the immunogenicity of cancer cell death
    Michel Obeid, Antoine Tesniere, François Ghiringhelli, Gian Maria Fimia, Lionel Apetoh, Jean-Luc Perfettini, Maria Castedo, Grégoire Mignot, Theoharis Panaretakis, Noelia Casares, Didier Métivier, Nathanael Larochette, Peter van Endert, Fabiola Ciccosanti, Mauro Piacentini, Laurence Zitvogel, Guido Kroemer
    SUMMARY: Anthracyclin-treated tumor cells are particularly effective in eliciting an anticancer immune response, whereas other DNA-damaging agents such as etoposide and mitomycin C do not
    Nature Medicine 13, 54 - 61 (01 Jan 2007) Article.
    And for the funny anecdote: I never saw him wearing his glasses in the institute!

  8. Mr Obeid was fired from his institute according to his former Ph.D. director Professor Guido Kroemer at l’Institut de cancérologie Gustave Roussy en France. Son professeur mentionne qu’il souffre de sérieux problèmes comportementaux. N’importe quel sicentifique d’origine libanaise qui regarde son émission à Kalam el Nass (LBC) du vendredi passé le 11 janvier 2008 remarquera en lui une personne prétentieuse du premier degré. Il a mentionné plusieurs données erronées dont le nombre de souris utilisés par exemple, il dit que c’est 5000 souris et plus, tandis que l’article publié par son équipe mentionne un nombre variant de 5 à 30 souris dépendemment du test visé. M. Obeid faisait parti d’ne équipe de 17 personnes pour ce travail et il prétend être le découvreur. À l’émission kalam el nass, M. obeid parle de sa volonté de publier le travail et de ne pas le cacher au public mais n’importe quel étudiant à la maîtrise ou au doctorat ou déjà docteur sait très bien que n’importe quelle découverte fera nécéssairement l’objet de publication sinon le gouvernement ne subventionnera plus leurs recherches. Notons que c’est le directeur qui décide des publications et non le prétentieux Obeid ou autre étudiant. Ce M. obeid a été victime des succès de son laboratoire et je crois qu’il est un dangereux type.


  10. Stupid asses..All of you are intellectuals and are diminishing each others’ work. Can’t you be happy that Lebanon's name is mentioned somewhere. No wonder we don't have peace in Lebanon. It is due to this immature stupid attitude. You are a bunch of disgrace...tfou 3alaykon..

  11. Well your way isn't any better Dina, you offended them and dissed them, you believe that's the way towards peace?

  12. You all seem to have varying opinions. I don't understand. Don't you all agree that if this discovery wasn't important than maybe it wouldn't have been publicized this much? I mean, Marcel Ghanem is not an idiot. He wouldn't have had this guy on Kalem El Nass if he didn't think his discovery was worth gaining some exposure. If many other scientists, like someone here claimed, have made similar discoveries, well, where are they? Why haven't we heard about them as well? In my eyes, Obeid has taken a different approach, one that hasn't been thought of before, and this is why he is the one being read about and researched today.

    What say you?

  13. Hello everyone, i've been reading some of your comments, some things seemed to be true, and as a lebanese, and as a future student in immunology-Cancerology department i have to say, i'm dissapointed to see that kind of "fraud" in clinical researches, giving people false hope about curing cancer, just to be known (he's not even sure if it will work on human). This is not a game, this is something that have to do with people's lives. When it comes to that, we chould forget about being a celebrity and successful and work hard, until we get REAL resaults, that have effects on humans, not on some Rats ... That's what i think.

  14. hey everyone i just want to say to you it's ur opinion ..but we are proud that we have in lebanon people like himm...and don't forget lebanese persons around history ... i repeat it's ur opinion but he is the one that discovered it first and they tried to steal his research...--- So don't talk anymore about This Professional Dr. Talk About The Research Stealers Than about him

  15. Many institutions limit access to their online information. Making this information available will be an asset to all.

  16. I am an interested party, as many, that would like to see this horrible disease end , without the bickering and interference from special interest parties. This can only happen with continuous intellectual dialog. I do not understand why comments have seized and no new updates on the work of Dr. Michael Obeid and his staff. The successful end results is what is human, end the suffering for millions world wide. A giant step for mankind. This should not be about profits lost, or governments that cannot pay old age security for extended lives, or what to do with obsolete chemo equipment, and worthless drugs. Please continue the comments for humanity. Dr. Obeid and staff should be assisted in all ways possible to speed this much needed cure.