Friday, January 25, 2008

Breaking news: Explosion near Chevrolet - Hazmieh

Around 10am this morning, an explosion occurred near Hazmieh, Chevrolet highway. A big fire erupted. At 10:15am it has been put down. The explosion was heard from my work place. The whole building shook, I believe this was the most time the explosion had an impact.

Update 10:35am : At least one casualty, and many wounded. Last news is that the car that was targeted belongs to the security forces.

Update 11:17am : 10 casualties so far (AFP), the person who was targeted was Captain Wissam Eid. News confirm that he is dead and so is his bodyguard, and a by-passer.

Update: 5 casualties, Captain Wissam Eid, and his bodyguard, and 3 civilians. The size of the explosive was 50kg.

Message? I believe it's: "If you think your own security forces will provide security in your country Lebanon, think again!"

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  1. k****ekhta malla shaghleh!! What's the fu**ing message behind all this? Excuse my French.
    I'm still going back!