Sunday, December 09, 2007

You guys don`t care!!! You have no president?!

Maz Jobrani (Hollywood actor and comedian) in one of his shows in Lebanon, with The Axis of Evil, started his set with this sentence: "You guys don't care! you really don't! You have no president! and you are partyyyyinnnnng!"

He's right, besides him being very funny, making fun of arabs and muslims, and people who stereotype arabs and muslims as terrorists, and sending a message of peace! We have been without a president for more than three weeks, and weird enough, on the ground, it doesn't really manifest negatively, it's a bit neutral.

We were supposed to elect a president on 23 November 2007, but they postponed the parliament session for another week, as they still haven't chosen a president who all agree on. Again on November 30th, the session was postponed again till December 7th, but talks about General Michel Sleiman were starting, guessing that the next week, a session would be held to adjust the constitution in order to be able to elect him, but some obstacles were blocking the elections again, so it was postponed again till next Tuesday.

December 1st, coincided with several occasions, first it was World's AIDS Day. I heard a statistics that younger men in Lebanon are not using protection. So to everyone out there, we have over 1000 case in Lebanon since the early eighties, relatively the number is small, let us try to keep it this way.

Moreover, it has been one year since the opposition camped in Downtown Beirut.

Today, it was the second annual Gibran Tueni for reporting, and in 3 days, it's his two years memorial anniversary.

On the other hand and away from politics, many Lebanese people are coming back to Lebanon on the holidays. So kudos, in hope that politics do not ruin the holidays.

Last month, two electro house DJs have visited Lebanon and held successful concerts. In conclusion, seems like citizens are bored from politics, waiting to go to more events, they don't care and they want to party, as Maz Jobrani put it.

Finally, traffic is as usual around holidays, the whole month of December appears to be like those drivers have escaped the mental instituation and are driving around. Shopping spree, everything becoming expensive and not just because christmas and new year's are around the corner.

Happy December, enjoy traffic, take it easy, and stay away from politics.

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