Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Holidays, the gifts and the food

A lot of people visited malls during the holidays, to either get gifts to their loved ones and colleagues, to have dinner, to shop for the big dinner, watch movies, buy clothes... It was too crowded, I actually bumped into many persons while I was trying to reach the movie theater.

Large audience gathered around Christmas charols in Geant Casino mall.

Another great place for shopping is Arax Area, that is in Bourj Hammoud. You can find anything there, from clothes, shoes & bags, perfumes, home stuff, artisanat, sweets, anything you desire! But the best of it, is the food, armenian sweets and some dried fruits (picture below).

After shopping all day, a person is bound to feel hungry, and if you haven't heard of the Famous Falafel Arax, then you've missed a lot. It is highly recommended. A great finish for a great day.