Thursday, November 22, 2007

Today and yesterday, a year ago

21 November 2006, Sheik Pierre Amine Gemayel was assassinated, after making an appearance in a funeral in Mar Mtanous Church in Jdeideh. He was shot, along with his bodyguards, by unmasked criminals. Last year I posted this, when I first heard of the assassination, and this a while later after the shock has faded. The assassination happened one day before Lebanon's independence day. On Independence day in 2006, things were not the same sort of speak.

I turned on the TV today and searched in all local channels for the tanks and army showcasing, and it was not there. Most probably, the reason behind this, is the messy unsuccessful presidential elections. Anyway, even if last year I critisized this showcasing and suggested they run the previous year's show, I still missed it. It's our tradition, it at least projected a minimum level of the situation status of the country. Now it's not even there.

Our Independence day is a sad pathetic day.

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