Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Number of Car accidents, the highest yet

It has been recorded that 2007 has witnessed the biggest number of car accidents yet. 830 casualties and more than 10000 injured according to YASA.

I bet that every Lebanese person knows at least one person who died in a car accident. Moreover I know for a fact that driving in Lebanese is getting worse, dangerously faster and without concentration or forseeing.

Hope more people will join me on this request:
1- Put the seatbelt on, and tell the riders with you to put it as well
2- Don't drive faster than what the sign requires
3- Don't do any "betweens", if necessary make sure there is a long distance between you and the one you want to pass
4- Make a full stop on cross-roads
5- Slow down when it rains
6- Leave a distance between you and the car in front of you

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