Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How are the presidential elections affecting the average Lebanese citizen?

Many people are delaying big purchases such as apartments or cars till after the elections. Others are postponing payments of monthly bills or installments till the end of the month. One case I've heard is postponing a wedding and buying furniture for their house. I personally postponed buying a ticket to a concert till next week. And of course, many have canceled going out this week, many rumors of staying home is safer, embassies sending message to their people to avoid going out all this week. Moreover many Lebanese are worried of a potential rage riot, roads blocking, area occupation and such. Every side is accusing the other of going to start a fight. A company is also waiting for all this to finish before they move to a new location. Thursday is a holiday, independence day, so many schools are going to close on Wednesday and Friday as well.

But in general, it isn't as worrisome as it sounds, we are more than used to this, for example all work places are not affected by this. (lucky us)


  1. Hopefully, after people learn from their mistakes enough times, you will no longer be so used to this and will have progressed into a New Lebanon.

    I just hope that time is soon. The darkest hour is before dawn.