Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fuel prices increase

The 20 liters price has risen by 500LL (equivalent to 0.33USD) today, it will continue to rise increasingly until it reach a total of 6,000LL (equivalent to 4USD), making the 20 liters final price of 32,000LL (equivalent to 21.6USD).

So, with this event I advice you to read the following article: Top 10 fuel-saving tips.

Question: Is the daily rate of transporation (which is 4USD) that the company pays the employee going to increase as well?


  1. It is $20 US in Montreal, hopefully people will use less their cars...

  2. HaHa, u should visit jordan its 23 USD for one gallon and next month it's going to be 28.6 USD for each gallon. dont know what's the problem with fuel but i cant afford my Benz anymore :S:S:S