Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Prevent forest fire

I've been hearing this commercial (not so commercial) on the radio about how to prevent from causing fires in the forests and woods.

On that note, there are things that we cannot control of course, like wind and hot weather, however we can control many other things that will surely prevent those fires:
- After a picnic, clean after you, do not keep Beer bottles and such in the woods
- After a fire camp, make sure you turn it off well (put sand on it, etc...)
- Do not throw the end of a cigarette while it is still lit
- Do not let a kid with matches in the woods (or anywhere for that matter), example for that here

(If you know more please tell us, as that is all I was able to remember)

Keep our green, green.

For donations, you can call 1267


  1. dont play with machine guns

    dont play with bombs ;)

    as well it may cause fires ;)