Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Lebanon is on fire, literally

Image brought from Tayyar.org
Fires broke last night in several forests in Lebanon, almost all at the same time and spread to other places as well. Locations such as Deir Al Kamar, Dhour el Shweir, Koubayat, Rishmaya, Bhamdoun and others have been the victim of these fires, causing a weird weather with dim clouds, small white bits of burned trees and leaves were flying all over Lebanon.
The cause of fire is unknown, at first they said it's the heat wave and the windy weather, however, Lebanese has been through hotter days during this summer, and it's not that windy at all.
Some are saying that these fires have been started unnaturally. However, there are no info or proof about them.
Fire departments have all been on code red, they even asked for private owners of water trucks to join them in fighting the fire, and they also asked from the Italian international forces to help them. The latter will send 5 planes tomorrow.