Saturday, October 06, 2007

Seriously, what is with voting by SMS?

The whole voting by SMS has just gone too far in Lebanon. The most recent is this, an ad in the local Al Balad Newspaper, today's edition:

Taken from, 6 October 2007 edition

We previously joked about how much Lebanon is getting obsessed with voting by sms, that the afternoon of the Explosion in Horsh Tabet, when it was still unclear who was assassinated, with hints such as "The political figure who got assassinated is someone running for the presidential elections", so we thought as they (I don't know who they are) are becoming so obsessed with Voting by SMS, they might've as well sent us the following question that afternoon, seizing the opportunity to make more money:

"Guess who was assassinated today?"
Send 1 for Michel Aoun
Send 2 for Samir Geagea
Send 3 for Boutros Harb
Send 4 for Amin Gemayel
Send 5 for Walid Junblat

And they say it's for statistics... yeah right

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