Friday, August 03, 2007

It hurts more when it`s someone you know

To be honest, I have offered my condolences to all the army martyrs' families, but this time it's different.
I wanted to post something yesterday, August 1st, as it was the army's anniversary, however I really couldn't say anything, because even though this year, the army has outdone themselves, they are doing great, and we are really proud of them, still they have lost a lot of souls, and a lot of heroes out there are risking their lives to protect us.

Almost a week ago, a very good friend of mine asked me to pray for this young soldier who was injured in Naher Al Bared and has been in a coma, as his situation was very critical. He told me his name, but in Lebanon when you hear the name "Georges", it does not ring a bell, as there are a lot of this name.
Today, another friend, gave me this link and told me that Georges Fahed has died, again the name did not seem familiar.................. until I saw his picture.
Georges is an old friend of mine with whom I have lost touch the past few years, his lastname has escaped my mind. I really liked him, he was such a nice guy, and was not only an acquaintance but more. I cannot express how sad and angered I am. When I saw his picture, I couldn't believe my eyes, my heart is really broken....
I offer my condolences to his parents, I really wish that God will be them in this critical time.

Alla yer7amak ya Georges.


  1. Dear Liliane

    My sincere condoleance for your friend.

    I m feeling that the battle will go on, the army wont finish Fatah Islam as they think something worst might come @ the end of this battle.

    It is not a battle but a war and our heart must be toward the lebanese army that is the only institution protecting our people and especially its martyrs killed for the sake of our beloved country.

  2. Dear Liliane,

    It is terrible to know about the death of an old friend. Especially, when the death occurs violently at a young age.

    Georges Fahed did not die in vain, he was defending Lebanon against extremism and obscurantism.

    May his soul rest in peace.

  3. Frenchy and Kheireddine, thank you for your words, and you're both right. Their death is not in vain at all. we're lucky to have men like them protect us.

    May their soul rest in peace.