Sunday, August 05, 2007

Lebanon, land of utopia

Definitely not something we have anticipated, or at least I didn't. I had forseen Kamil Khoury's victory, or Amin Gemayel's victory, but certainly not both at the same time.
Tuning in to OTV, you will notice that the first won, tuning in to LBC for example, it is Gemayel that won.
MSN personal messages are hilarious, everybody declaring the victory of the political party they side with.
I also discovered that there has been cloning in Bourj Hammoud. As some people went to vote and discovered they had "already" voted today, amnesia? or what!
What else, I wanted to blog in a serious way about the Matn Elections for the parliament seat that has been emptied when Sheik Pierre Gemayel died last November 2006, but this is just too funny.

Update: I just saw on LBCI, two groups of people spread each on one side, with the Lebanese army between them.
I am surprised that this was not thought of, they should've put a curfew, and I hope they will notice this soon enough and declare this decision. I understand that the maximum that can happen is people from opposing parties will beat each other up, but for me, I think I still have like 0,01% of hope for Lebanon, and everytime I see this picture, I am afraid my hope will completely die.

Update: Leaders of both parties has called out for their supporters to get out of Jdeideh's area. Yey


  1. Once the victor is known, the other party is probably going to accuse the opponents of electoral fraud.

  2. Very true. Kamen there is a lot of pressure on these elections, like they will define everything for christians, which is not true.

  3. to remind you

    this is why i am not listening to local news, I am reading foreigner news and even the israeli medias are more reliable then the lebanese one on local news !!!

    There is one looser: the lebanese nation in all that