Saturday, August 04, 2007

Elections by colors

Colors are very hip nowadays in Lebanon. Tomorrow, August 5th, will be holding elections, between a representative from FPM aka Aounists, and the Phalange's Amine Gemayel who is trying to replace his son, Pierre Gemayel, after he was assassinated in November 2006.
I have received many e-mails with the subject "Vote Orange", I've seen many convoys with orange flags and pictures for Aoun, while they were honking their special "ta ra rat tat tat, General" tone, moreover, I saw many other convoys for Phalanges, with pictures of Amine and Pierre Gemayels, and flags with the Phalange's cedar on them.
Many army troops are spread everywhere in Metn area to make sure no "problems" occur between the excited and overzealous youth out-there, the pro-honking and colorful flags youth.
What is most amazing and just impressive, is hearing both sides, blame each other for starting it, they hear the bad side of the other, and the good side of their own.

How will we ever love each other and build a good country? Christians are ruining each other, although I am pro secular country, I still think, sects should be preserved to a certain point.


  1. As long as they don't shoot at each other, everything is OK...

  2. Well, thinking that not shooting at each other makes things ok, only makes me think how dreadful the relationships between Lebanese political parties has become. fi moustawa :P

  3. I agree with you, Liliane. However, it was worst in the 80's...

  4. Yeah? nshalla, a little improvement is better than nothing. I like how the leaders at the end of the day kind of rawa2ouwa, Aoun and Geagea especially.