Friday, July 13, 2007

What happened since July 12, 2006?

A year since the damned July war between Israel and Hezbollah (although some prefer to say between Israel and Lebanon, however last time I checked for a country to be in war, it should've at least had an opinion or known about it), anyway things have only got worse since.

Political conflicts, a new war between the Lebanese Army and the Islamic Militants Fatah Al Islam in Naher el Bared palestinian camp in North Lebanon (started on 20 May, and is still on going), a lot of martyrs (RIP) civilians, red cross and soldiers, a lot of tension, two UN resolutions, the 1701 to end the July 2006 war and 1757 declaring the decision to hold an international tribunal to investigate the Hariri assassination, one camping of Lebanese opposition (Hezbollah, FPM, Marada and others) in Downtown Beirut since December 1, 2006 in order to topple the Saniora government, another two assassinations of MP Pierre Gemayel in November 2006 and MP Walid Eido in June 2007, several explosions occured in many regions, in Ain Alak, Verdun, Ashrafieh, Alay, Sid El Bouchrieh and Zouk Mousbeh, more and more division among the Lebanese politicians, more and more groups having no color trying to bring the Lebanese together such as March 11 and other.

Tourism is almost dead, schools ended early this summer, some Lebanese are here for a vacation, great weather, people are starting to go out again, but you can still feel the tension as we know that this time a year traffic would be much more severe (yes we measure life in Lebanon by traffic). Usually in summer the prices of prepaid lines, clothes, shoes, luxury items go up, however this year they barely went up (prepaid lines prices did double, but usually their price reach an increase by 80% taking advantage of our fellow Arab Tourists, who by the way, did not come this year, how do we know? well they usually come to Lebanon by land using their cars, therefore we can see the plate numbers of these many cars on which is written Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE...), I can also see discounts on clothes and shoes just about everywhere (Reminder to self, should go shopping, take advantage of bad situation in Lebanon).

Bashar Al Assad, Syrian President, has demanded from all syrian workers to go back to Syria before July 15 as he expects the situation to get worse.

Lebanese presidency election is right around the corner, scheduled to take place in September 2007.

And of course, immigration of Lebanese youth increased even more. Prices of houses (due to increase in cost of building materials) have also increased. In general, there are a lot of weddings in Lebanon during the summer, however, and this is measured by how much honking we hear on Saturdays and Sundays afternoon, this year seems less. Why? Still asking Why?

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