Friday, July 27, 2007

Some festivals are still on-going

Different from what I wrote a while back about the fact that there are no festivals in Lebanon this summer, it turns out that some festivals are still on-going such as Byblos Festivals. Small concerts and gigs are taking place in several pubs and restaurants. And unlike what a lot predicted for Lebanon's summer to be dead and boring, night-life in Gemmayze street (Beirut) is back, and wild hot beach days are getting hotter and hotter. Several local radion stations are hosting the music in several resorts, creating an environment of strong dancing on house and electro music.
In conclusion, a lot of events are taking place, beach parties, many organizers are hosting games and such, concerts and gigs and so on. It's not as wild as previous years, nevertheless it is still more than anyone expected and Lebanon is still fun.


  1. Very interesting blog Liliane! I discovered it thru my friend Frenchy's blog. Expect future comments from me ;)

  2. Thanks! will be looking forward for your comments :)

  3. Hi Liliane, I left this in response to your comment at GVO. Thanks for the feedback.

    Hi Liliane. Sorry for not correcting the typo. I meant to do so, although at first I hesitated since I didn’t want to edit your work without your permission, but then in the attempt to get the review done as fast as I could, I forgot to remove the o’s. Peace inshallah.

  4. Hello! No problem, it's okay hehe. I didn't think of it this way, but hey next time you have my permission ;)