Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Blog, one year!

One year since my first post on this blog. One year for this blog actually. It was on July 20th, 2006. I wanted a way to express my frustration and anger towards what was happening in Lebanon, and blogging was a great way. And to my surprise, I discovered many other bloggers, there was a Lebanese bloggers community, all together expressing and reaching out, and trying to show the world that there is another side of Lebanon besides the war.

The best thing that came out of blogging, was reading other blogs and reading visitors comments. Seeing another point of view or having someone agree with you, is just amazing. Having readers is also amazing. It's just an amazing feeling to know people read you daily!

So, I realised I should look up synonyms of the word amazing because I use it a lot, and second, is that I think I am going to try for another year of blogging.

Happy blogging,



  1. Happy first anniversary :D :D :D
    3a2bel el miyyeh :P

  2. Happy anniversary dear!
    glad u enjoyed and hopefully u will enjoy more years!

  3. It's amazing to have an amazing girl like you blog so amazingly :)
    Please don't stop. Happy Blogging.

  4. Blogging is addictive isn't it? to me it is one of the best things that happenned to me lately! i can carry my blogger firends with me, everywhere Portugal, USA, Milan, etc...

  5. Coco inte el amazing :)

    Frenchy thanks!! ;)

    M(x9) addictive bi ouwe, I love it :D

  6. Yes please, keep going with your blog. It keeps me posted on what is happening in Lebanon and your point of view is always so sincere. I hope all is well.

  7. Thank you Mariana! And will do hopefully, you keep blogging too :)