Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lebanese christians are celebrating Saint Elie

Tomorrow is Saint Elie holiday in Lebanon, and as the tradition goes, people celebrate a holiday on its eve. This is the most celebrated holiday in Lebanon when it comes to fireworks. In Lebanon, and unlike the US for example, everyone has access to buy fireworks, even little kids. And every year, on this night, the fire extinguishers work a lot.
I like looking at fireworks, who doesn't? However, I think it is applied and used in a very irresponsible way. In many cases, children have hurt themselves. I I personally keep checking if a burning arrow went into my balcony or under my car, so I can act quickly and call the fire fighters. Exploding dynamites (the fireworks of course not the real ones) blast very loudly and are really annoying.
Fireworks are also widely used in weddings, yes, when two people get married they forget that other people exist and they want to go to sleep.

Same day last year, not much celebration happened, as the "real" fireworks were blasting in the year when Israel was bombing Lebanon. As much as fireworks annoy me in general although they're nice to look at, I still prefer them over bombs.

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