Monday, July 09, 2007

A commercial is not enough

While I was coming back from a near-by friend's house, who had given me an original Lebanese meal, "Loubieh b zeit", as my parents are abroad trying to build a future for my siblings and I, I was thinking while walking, should I stay in Lebanon? And I kept seeing this image of me quitting my job, saying good-bye to everyone and going to where my folks are.
As I arrived home, I put on the news, and saw the new commercial for Fransabank, which is about people taking a picture with a picture of a Lebanese landscape set as a background, and each person is pondering about something, the future bride and bride-groom thinking whether they should postpone their wedding or not, the grandparents thinking whether they should tell their relatives to come visit Lebanon this summer or not, the student thinking of staying in Lebanon or leaving for a job abroad, and so on and so forth...
Questions all Lebanese are familiar with. I had tears in my eyes when at the end of commercial, they all said: "I am staying, We are staying"
We Lebanese are so patriotic and sensitive to this issue... but a commercial won't change anyone's mind would it?
I can't forget how happy I was to land in Beirut's airport on September 6, 2006, it was the last day of the Israeli blockade. I was so happy to see the traffic and hear the honking, and feel the humidity of our Beirut.
But, I still don't know whether I should look for a house, get married, raise my children in this country.


  1. Liliane, as I read: "I am staying, WE are staying" I suddenly had goose bumps all over my skin. I hate the thought of anyone having to live this way. I still have family in beirut and most recently my cousing Pamela who chose to leave Rome to marry and live in Beirut. At first I couldn't understand. Why? Why leave a more secure life for uncertainty? But the truth is that these days we're not safe anywhere anymore and at that point wouldn't you rather be "home"?

    I wish you were here and I wish I could give you a hug because I think you're an amazing woman!

  2. As the proverb says: "An english's man home is his castle"... As much as Lebanon pissed me off most of the 24/7... It's my home...

    And thank you Marianna, you put a smile on face. Just when someone thinks they're having a bad (day/month). Thanks!

    AM :( sorryyyyyy

  3. Lilo eh you stay w you get married iza Alla rad w you raise wonderful brilliant kids like you are, in Lebanon. Enteh w ana sawa ;) w kell Lebneneh bi emin bi Lebnen. This is what keeps Lebanon on the map, the people who don't give a shit and don't want to leave and decide to live in Lebanon dispite all the shit that this country goes through. I cannot wait to step down from that plane in Matar Bayrout el Douwali and never take it again!

  4. Coco :D:D bass inno you can still visit the airport to leave for a nice vacation masalan at Ibiza and come back 3ala shart after shi 1 week ;)

    W be2yin :)