Friday, June 15, 2007

Why was Walid Ido assassinated?

Many Lebanese citizens said that being in a state of war is actually easier to deal with than what is happening right now in Lebanon. In a war, a citizen will know which areas to avoid, but explosions at random periods, random times and random areas are unpredictable, so how can the Lebanese resident avoid them? They seem to be more dangerous, inflicting fear and a sense of worry at all times.

It might appear that Lebanese people are becoming paranoid; however there was another proof this afternoon. An explosion in Al-Manara situated in West Beirut, exploded a little after 6 pm targeting the Parliament Member Walid Ido and killing him along with his eldest son, two of his bodyguards and 7 civilians. The bomb was planted in a Mercedes car which exploded when the late martyr's car was passing by.

This is the 6th explosion and first assassination this year. They say 7 is a lucky number, however not for the unfortunate late Walid Ido. 7 assassinations starting with late Prime Minister Rafic Hariri on 14 February 2005, with the 7th being Walid Ido. Two years later, and more assassinations are still happening.

Walid Ido, like Pierre Gemayel, Gibran Tueni, Samir Kassir, George Hawi, Bassel Fleihan and Rafic Hariri, has been killed in order to be silenced. The side that killed all those martyrs does not want a Lebanon of peace and independence. They want a Lebanon that only imports and exports wars and explosions, a Lebanon stranger to tourism, a poor Lebanon with a low economy. The late parliament member Walid Ido, member of the Future Movement of which Rafic Hariri was president, was also a member of March 14, a group that was formed based on the demonstration that had over a million Lebanese commemorating back then the one month memorial of Rafic Hariri (14 March 2005) and asking for a Lebanon free of Syrian presence, and an independent Lebanon.

The assassination of Walid Ido, came two weeks after the International Tribunal to investigate the assassination of Rafic Hariri has been voted for, resulting in the draft resolution 1757.

Whatever the person's belongings are, it is a sad day on everyone. It is outrageous to see another political figure get assassinated and innocent people die. Security is practically non-existent, nevertheless the army are trying their best, toggling several things at once, securing the roads, running checkpoints for potential "exploders", fighting Fatah Al Islam in Nahr el Bared, guarding the borders and the protesters who have been camping in Downtown Beirut since December 1st, 2006.

The recorded speech we hear every time an assassination happens, saying that Lebanese should unite in order to fight the terrorizing hand and stop it from ruining, killing and dividing. It continues by expressing their sadness for the big loss, praising the martyr and calling for unity and dialog.

Yet everytime hate steps over sadness, selfishness wipes principles, power overrules patriotism.

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  1. HI liliane

    goog post.

    If i may add something , more and more i m having the feeling that we are already in a stage of retraction:
    If I go to west beirut, i feel insecure, if i go to East Beirut, i m feeling more secure but not secured.

    If i go to kesrouan, i m feeling completly secured even if i know there are possible terrorist targets.

    and vice versa for some friends living in Ramlet el Baida, like if ... we do no more trust the state to offer us security. Doesn't that civil war through partitions already started?

    Our politicians failed, they should all resign and leave the new generation taking care of politics.
    Didnt we, young prouved we are more mature by leading the cedars revolution?
    All what happened after wasnt made by mainly the same people that were leading the country last civil war?

    I am disgusted by that