Friday, June 08, 2007

Who is Lebanon`s enemy?

Jbeil seaport, picture taken on Labor day 2007 by meBattles and fights are getting more and more severe in Naher Al Bared. The Lebanese troops are increasingly controlling more and more locations in the camp. Shootings and gun-fire are heard constantly.

Since May 20, 5 explosions have occurred so far. The first was in Ashrafieh (East Beirut) on May 20, the next day was the second in Verdun (West Beirut) on May 21, the third on May 23 in Alay (mostly inhabited by Druze). After a break for 10 days, a forth explosion happened in Sid El Boushrieh, location in the eastern suburbs of Beirut last Monday on June 4, and the most recent was yesterday June 7 in Zouk Mosbeh, located to the south of Jounieh.

In consequence, we can generalize that 3 out of 5 explosion happened in Christian cities, 1 Druze and 1 Muslim. In addition, 3 of these places (Verdun, Ashrafieh and Alay) in addition to being residential areas, they are also commercial having malls and centers, and receive many tourists, especially Alay which gets busy in summer visited by a lot of Arabs, and so does Ashrafieh having malls and restaurants and also is a 3 minutes drive to Gemmayze and Monot, a large clubbing and pubbing scene. Lebanese alone fill those areas like if there was a demonstration going on, during winter as much as summer, and Saturday is not different from Monday.

Therefore and it is obvious that whoever is putting those explosions is not trying to kill people, nevertheless his attempt is to kill the touristic season. And as tourism is the field with the most yearly income for Lebanon, thus killing the economy. Funny sad is the fact that we say "Thank God for putting explosions at certain times when not many people are present on the streets".

Taken on labor day 2007, by me

Perhaps a pattern might appear here, maybe there isn't a definite one, however one thing is for sure, the tourism is Lebanon has been put asleep once again. People do not go anywhere unless it's necessary. Going clubbing and shopping have become luxury.

Most Lebanese people try to avoid going out at night and focus more on day outings to the beach or lunches or such during the weekend. In general, the movement at night has decreased drastically, traffic is unnoticeable, and no need to make reservations in restaurants and pubs.

Last summer the July war was a killer for Lebanon on so many levels. For many Lebanese, and this might seem selfish for people who lost a lot during the war last summer with Israel, having their summer ruined is devastating. However, we live and work all year to enjoy our summer in Lebanon because they are truly on the high scale of amazing fun and awesome things to do and ways to spend your days and night. Many immigrant Lebanese living abroad come back during the summer, a lot of weddings, beach, barbecues, parties, nature adventures, concerts, festivals, anything fun that comes to mind is present in Lebanon.

Aside for our economical problems, brain drain, lack of job opportunities, political agony, people looked forward for our Lebanon summers. Yet with last year's saddening war, and this year's severe political division, Naher El Bared battles, army martyrs, explosion and more, Lebanese don't know what to do or think about. We are lost people.

Taken in Saint Charbel on Labor Day 2007 by me
I for one know many who are not sure whether they should buy a house in Lebanon, if they should work on building a future in Lebanon for them and their families. What kind of life are we going to give to our children? Many are considering leaving after being loyal for Lebanon for so long. Patriotism is being doubted. What patriotism? What are we fighting for? Who are we fighting with? Who is our enemy? We don't know.

If we Lebanese are torn between each other, then what reason would any Lebanese have if he's going to have his Lebanon but disappoint his Lebanese brother and sister.

An important question asks itself: "Who is Lebanon's enemy?" To win, you have to know who your enemy is. And in Lebanon, we don't know who the real enemy is.

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  1. Good analogy Lili! Unfortunately, we can't answer your question unless you define which Lebanon you're talking about! Is it Samir Kassir's and Gebran's Lebanon? Or is it Hassan Nassrallah's and Ahmadi el Najad Lebanon?