Wednesday, June 13, 2007

School year is already over

In Lebanon, educational institutes have welcomed the summer before it's even summer. At the beginning of the school year, political figures asked educational institutes to hasten with the school program in order to finish early. Consequently, this demand has been made official by the Ministry of High Education.

Last weekend, I was asking my brother's wife: "When will your son's school year end?". And to my surprise she replied that it already did.

Usually school years in Lebanon begin late September (or early October, depending on the grade) and end mid to late June. On the other hand, this year, school and universities have closed their doors early June.

The reason behind all this rush is the fear of another war erupting this summer similar to last year's July war in 2006 that happened between Hezbollah and Israel. Moreover, a war is not necessarily what Lebanese officials are worried about, but matters such as Nahr Al Bared's which was not something to account for. They keep saying Lebanon is on the brink of another Civil War. Well in case one does happen, thank god schools have closed so early in summer so it can provide such a long bloody and disastrious summer for everybody to enjoy in their homes while watching it on TV.

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