Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Explosion in Al-Manara. Assassination of Walid Ido

A little after 6 pm, another bomb exploded in Al-Manara in Beirut, killing the Parliament Member Walid Ido member of the Future Movement, his eldest son, two of his bodyguards and civilians.

No information about the bomb weight and details yet. The explosion did not happen on a main road, but in a private alley.

Stay tuned.

Update: The number of casulaties increased to 10.

Update: The bomb was said to be planted in a car of type Mercedes parked on the side of the street between the Nejme playground and the Theme park, and it exploded when the car of late Walid Ido was passing by.

Statement: Condolences to the families of today's martyrs. It is utterly outrageous the way they have died, hope their souls rest in Peace. Whatever the Lebanese citizen's siding is, it is a sad day for everyone. Witnessing an assassination of a political figure only shows how disturbed and troubled our country is.


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